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High-Protein Chocolate 'Proats' Recipe
baked choc chip oats

High-Protein Chocolate 'Proats' Recipe

Jumpstart your morning routine with our immune-boosting, high-protein Chocolate 'Proats' recipe. ⁠⁠Packed with vitamins A, C, and K, along with magnesium and iron, plus all the essential B group vi...

almond flour10 Minute Crunchy Choc Mint Cacao Bites  🌿

10 Minute Crunchy Choc Mint Cacao Bites 🌿

Craving a healthy choc-mint delight that's mint to be? 🍫🌿 ⁠ ⁠ Whip up our Cacao Mint Balls in just 10 minutes for the ultimate crunchy, minty goodness!⁠ ⁠ Infused with the organic nutrient boo...

anti-inflammatoryPumpkin Soup

Pumpkin Soup

Our favourite thing about winter HAS to be the comfort food 😍 Like our delish PUMPKIN SOUP! (or as our son used to say PUNKMAN😆)⁠⁠Here's how:⁠⁠500g pumpkin⁠1 onion⁠6 garlic cloves⁠½ teaspoon sea s...

almond flourChoc Chip Oats

Baked Choc Chip Oats

BAKE THIS 🥣 ‘Greens Baked Choc Chip Oats’ ✨If you’re looking for a breakfast to warm you up you have to try this!  🌿 Gluten free🌿 Dairy free🌿 Reduce blood pressure🌿 Great source of important vitam...

afternoon snackPacked with the power of plants nice cream booster

CG's Green Machine Nice Cream

GREEN MACHINE 💚 N I C E C R E A M BOOSTER💚 "I scream - You scream - We all Scream for NICE CREAM" When fruit + veggies look this good even the kids will love them🍦 Packed with the power of plants t...

anti-inflammatoryChocolate 'Proats' a warm way to refuel with Protein Oats/porridge

Chocolate 'Proats' a warm way to refuel with Protein Oats/porridge

What's your relationship with porridge? We are in love and can't go a day without ours... Here's our twist on the humble bowl of porridge with some secrets that will boost your immune system... Pro...