Chocolate 'Proats' a warm way to refuel with Protein Oats/porridge

Chocolate 'Proats' a warm way to refuel with Protein Oats/porridge

What's your relationship with porridge? We are in love and can't go a day without ours...

Here's our twist on the humble bowl of porridge with some secrets that will boost your immune system...

Pro Tips to remember when cooking 'Proats'

  • Cook your proats on a low heat very slowly
  • Wait until the last minute before adding the protein powder + Coconut Greens powder
  • Have a good amount of plant milk ready to pour once the powders go in to keep your Proats creamy


serves 2

1/2 cup gluten free oats

2 Tbsp black chia seeds

20-30g vegan Chocolate PP (protein powder)

1 scoop Coconut Greens (8.4g)

1/2 to 1 cup plant based milk (we love macadamia milk) the more you use the creamy it will be if desired

1/2 cup water

Optional Toppings - pepitas, sunflower seeds, sliced apple and banana, cacao nibs or berries, for a gorgeous texture add a dollop of coconut yogurt or nut butter



Over a low heat add the oats, chia and water and stir as it warms up and starts to bubble for about 2 minutes.

Next add your chocolate PP, Coconut Greens and plant based milk and keep stirring to avoid clumps 

Once all ingredients have combined over the low heat for  a couple of minutes remove from heat (do not boil as it may burn)

Pour this delicious pot of happiness in one of our gorgeous coconut bowls and add your favourite toppings

Rich in vitamin, A, C + K, manganese, magnesium, iron along with all the B group vitamins you will be hopping, skipping and jumping into your day...



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