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Greens Stacked Pancakes
almond milk

Greens Stacked Pancakes

In the morning I’m making…P A N C A K E S 🥞💚 Start your morning right with a stack of goodness – Dive into the weekend vibes. If you're all about that green smoothie life but crave a l...

black chiaChia Pods with Blueberries and Oats!

Chia Pods with Blueberries and Oats!

BREAKFAST IDEA?! 🤔⁠⁠Stop skipping ❌ the most important meal of the day, and start your day off on the right foot! 😁⁠ More often than not... we struggle to have a NUTRITIOUS breakfast because we're ...

almondsCoconut Greens Cheezecakes

Creamy Cashew Cheezecakes- Vegan, GF 

These are the perfect sweet treat to make in bulk and keep in the freezer for a sneaky snack or dessert. 

almond milkCoconut Greens Anti-inflammatory Chia pods

Coconut Greens Anti-inflammatory Chia pods

“You cheer, I cheer, we all cheer for Chia Pods’ :) These gorgeous healthy snacks can be prepared in advance and you can serve with seasonal friut such as blueberries, kiwi fruit, mango, raspberrie...

avocado spreadCreamy supergreen spread

Creamy supergreen spread

Creamy supergreen spread Yes we have turned Coconut Greens into a spread!  It’s delicious and sweet and not only is it tasty, but it also provides a good source of essential fats from the avocado.