About us


The story of Coconut Greens.


We’re Geoff and Jo, the founders of Coconut Greens.

Why do we do what we do? Because there’s a need for it – and because we believe in it.

Without Coconut Greens, Geoff wouldn’t have made it through his second Iron Man. In fact, he wouldn't have even made it through his training.

When you’re balancing gruelling workouts, a full-time job and family responsibilities, something has to give. For Geoff, it was his immune system – it completely shut down, landing him in hospital just two weeks before the event.

But Geoff was determined to race. And with the clock ticking, it was time to step up and do something. Inspired by a friend’s new-found love of green smoothies, lab tech Jo set to work formulating a nutrient-rich blend that didn’t taste terrible.

The nutrient-rich bit was easy – it didn’t take long for Jo to figure out how to pack a smoothie with more greens than you’d think would be possible. The taste took a bit more refining – and a lot of fresh coconut. But we got there.

Needless to say, the Coconut Greens blend you get to enjoy today has passed the taste test with every single one of our friends and family members – even the foodies and picky eaters.

And while it’s championed by the athletes we know, it’s just as popular with anyone looking to do right by their body.

And since we’re firm believers in paying it forward, we aim to do right not only by our customers, but by the world we all live in.

That’s why for every tub purchased we donate much-needed nutritional support to children in developing countries.

So drink up!


Geoff , Jo, Kids and Jasper our doggo xx