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Frequently Asked Questions

Why combine coconut water with super greens?

The goodness of coconut water meets the greatness of supergreens! We're all no doubt aware of the benefits of these amazing superfoods - in fact the idea came from the fact that supergreens are the first ingredients that we add to our fresh smoothies.  We realised quickly that no one had actually done this in a convenience of a powder.  We have brought you a product that  

Can assist the body to hydrate, detox, energise and defend.  It just makes sense!

Some super greens powders have more ingredients - how did you chose the ingredients to put in Coconut Greens? Why not more?

In deciding on the final recipe for Coconut Greens we had some non-negotiables. It needed to be organic, with the right doses of each product and consumers need to understand what each ingredient does. 

Too many supplements contain massive ingredient lists that the average consumer has no idea as to what they do. If you don't recognise an ingredient, why would take it? 

More is definitely not better. Often the quantities of each ingredients are of very low concentrations, so why bother?  Also some ingredients should be carefully considered. 

For a great example of this read the following article on rice bran powder:


How do I use Coconut Greens?

Add it to a glass of water or mix it with yoghurt and a banana for a smoothie on the run.

Do I need it everyday?

We recommend a daily dose of Coconut Greens to get the maximum benefit. It is especially good if you're feeling a little run down or have a cold coming on.

How many calories in a dose of Coconut Greens?

If taken with water Coconut Greens is very low in calories. This makes it perfect to support an intermittent fasting diet such as the 5:2 diet.

Can Coconut Greens be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Please consult with a health care professional whilst pregnant or lactating.

Is it okay to take Coconut Greens when I am on medication?

Coconut Greens is a food, however if you are taking prescription medications you should inform your healthcare professional when making significant lifestyle or dietary changes. Coconut Greens contains Vitamin K, so please consult your healthcare professional if you are on a blood-thinning medication such as Warfarin.

Do I need to keep Coconut Greens in the fridge once I have opened it? 

Whilst it is not essential to refrigerate Coconut Greens, it is a food - so we recommend refrigerating where possible once opened.  We also recommend using Coconut Greens within 90 days of opening to maintain the freshness.

Is Coconut Greens gluten free?

Coconut Greens is gluten and wheat free. Although it contains wheatgrass, this is harvested early prior to the development of gluten. It is also vegetarian and vegan friendly, lactose free, corn free, dairy free and cruelty free.