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Coconut Greens powder

I give this product 10/10. I take it every morning to assist me with energy levels up to lunchtime.

Delicious and Nutritious

Really enjoying the coconut greens in my smoothie and loving the fact it's adding veggies and richness to my diet. I add a scoop to my green smoothie every morning which gives me the required energy for the day. I'm looking forward to this refreshing drink every morning...thanks for creating such a lovely product.


Loving my coconut greens daily!
Usually I just mix in with yoghurt.
Have tried with porridge too.
Very pleasant tasting.

Love the Coconut greens

Thank you my kids and myself love the coconut greens! The taste is not overpowering and great to add to smoothies! Thank you!

Great way to sneak extra nutrition into those little ones thanks for sharing!

Love it!

I have been drinking this daily for a couple of weeks now. The taste is better than other greens I’ve tried, and when I add it to a vanilla protein shake, it tastes divine - a bit like vanilla matcha ice-cream! Hoping that it helps with low iron levels but even just knowing that I’m getting lots of serves of veggies in this drink is great. I will definitely be ordering more and love the fact that it mixes well in water without needing a blender. It is a great pick-me-up in the afternoon instead of reaching for the coffee. The only downside is the depth of the tub - I know the product settles but I think the tub could be a bit smaller for the volume supplied.

I’m hooked!

Thank you coconutgreens! As someone who’s not a green juicer in the morning or big on powders - I decided to give this a try and purchased 2 packs of 7 day detox sachets! (These sachets are perfect for on the go) 😉
After 2 weeks, I’ve already noticed my hair is shinier and my skin is much clearer. I’m less bloated and have sooo much more energy lasting the whole day! I will be buying more and have been telling my friends about how amazing it is.
I find the taste refreshing and love that it’s just veggies no other supplements or additives!
Thank you

Beauty does start from within - so glad you are seeing lasting results and feeling the benefits too - thank you for this wonderful feedback!

Great taste, easy to add to my smoothies

Great way to add more greens to my diet - I added my sample to a smoothie and it tasted great.

Thank you that’s great to hear and super quick and easy to boost your health

The value winner

I’ve been using your greens powder for years now. I love it on my fruit and yoghurt and my husband loves it with vitamin c every morning. Delicious immune boosting, great value. The best greens powder ever. Thank you.

I love it

I love the product as it gives me the energy that i need when i work doubleshifts, it keeps me alert and not all that hungey

Dianne sounds like you really need extra nutrition doing double shifts - so glad you found us and love Coconut Greens - take care and thank you for the review

Raised my iron levels!

I have always had low iron, and forever berated by doctors and natropaths that I needed to take iron supplements (which I was strongly against). One month before taking my bloods after being borderline anaemic, I took coconut greens everyday. My iron was within the range for the first time in years! This prpduct has been a God send and the taste is amazing too. Thank you guys, honestly an amazing product.

Christine this is wonderful to hear! We suffered with low iron as a teenager so can relate to the fatigue you were feeling! That's why we wanted to make a product that was easy to use and boosted your iron without constipating and that tasted great! So grateful for your review

Love the taste 😍 haven’t tried a daily greens like this one!

Kaylah thanks so much! We wanted to create a product that everyone would enjoy daily!

Absolutely love my greens 😍 NOW!

Absolutely delish 🤤 thought it would be another green powder that tasted bland.. BUT not this one.. I love it 🥰

Haha so glad you're loving the taste of CG's thanks so much for the review!

Coconut greens and bowls with spoons

Fantastic product just love the taste of it and the bowls and spoon are of excellent quality

Glad you have added some handcrafted bowls and spoons to your kitchen and are enjoying the taste of CG's thank you for the review


Greens powders are hard to find where you don’t have to hide it in a smoothie. This one is an exception. I LOVE just mixing it with water & it’s so easy to drink to start my morning. Well done Coconut Greens, you have converted me!!

Chefs kiss

Literally one of the best greens powders around, makes getting your greens in easier and the taste….just wow.
Have been using this for years now and will alway keep on using it
Thank you coconut greens xx

Super Green Power

Just loving my Coconut Greens everyday. I feel more energised and healthier when I am having my Coconut Greens. My smoothies are jam packed full of the good stuff. 8 - 10 veges in every scoop how can you go. I highly recommend this product especially to get your daily intake of veges. I also add a scoop of protein powder to my Coconut Greens smoothie.
Wam Bam Thanks so much Geoff & Jo for a great product that keeps me feeling healthy & energised.

Coconut Greens

Thank you for making such a great product!!! I’ve been eating raw for nearly twelve months to keep a cancer diagnosis from flaring up. It’s working!!!!
But your product has helped on the days I just haven’t been able to make my large raw Vege salad. I am also taking it as well as my salads as the 8-10 serves in one scoop helps me get the 25 portions in I’m supposed to eat!!! Thank you sooooooooo much ! It tastes great and I’m actually noticing it when I skip a day. Well done ! This product is a life saver.

Kids love it

This was a winner for my fussy 7yo !! Thank goodness a geeens powder he loves

Love my Coconut Bowls & Spoons

I just love my Coconut bowls The quality and size are just great size. The spoons are a great size & the quality is amazing. I have purchased a few bowl sets for Christmas gifts with the Sample Coconut Greens. Gotta get the Fam healthy. Thank you. More orders coming your way..Love Love ❤ your products.

Very Pleased

I just love my bamboo straws they are thick enough for my thick Coconut Greens smoothie.

Love this green powder.

I never thought I’d get to the point in life, where I’d be saying what my parents used to say “I don’t eat much”. So I’m rapt to be able to consume all my greens in one serving.
Feel it’s doing me the world of good.

Coconut Greens make all the difference in my diet

I have an on and off problem with inflammation in my legs and feet which make walking difficult at times. The main thing that helps are large quantities of green vegetables, so the Coconut Greens are perfect to have daily. I've tried other super green powders and honestly, they taste, and it is difficult to stick with them. But Coconut Greens are totally different. I normally have a scoop of Coconut Greens with a banana or some pineapple, cinnamon and almond milk and it makes a really pleasant tasting smoothie which is so good for you and which eases my pain dramatically. I love my green veggies but none of us get enough greens in our diet daily, but by having just 1 scoop of Coconut Greens, you are getting an extra 8-10 serves of organic green veggies in your diet every single day. I honestly can't recommend Coconut Greens enough.


Within four days I noticed a change - no stomach bloating, clearer mind, more energy and better sleep. I no longer feel exhausted all the time - so glad I took the chance on coconut greens.

Love it

Purchased the 7 day detox for trial and loved it. Great taste. Amazing for adding greens to your smoothies. Great product.