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Love the flavour

Love these products and this company 🩷

Love love love these 💚

This is my go-to greens powder

I use this in my smoothies every morning!

Best greens powder ever

Love the coconut greens…
Way more palatable than other green powders I’ve tried! Easy to add to smoothies, great customer service, support and recipe ideas, and I love getting a good nutritional foundation for the day 🙌

Tastes better than most greens

Thanks for the free sample. I’ve now ordered two tubs. Natural taste which is pleasant to consume unlike some greens powders I’ve had in the past. Looking forward to seeing how I feel after a week or so….

Morning Ritual 🥥💚

I started taking coconut greens after an autoimmune flare, when I need to repair my gut health and restore my iron levels. I was blown away by how good I felt after the first serve, and the pleasant taste! It’s become a morning ritual for my daughter and I. We’re on our third container and about to sign up for a subscription 💚

Love this , I add this to all my smoothies , great taste too 👍

Nice yummy surprise!

Being so healthy I wasn’t sure how it would taste, but I followed a smoothie recipe on your website and it was delicious!! Even my husband thought it was delicious and wanted more!! 😍 Can’t wait to buy more!

Coconut Greens powder

I give this product 10/10. I take it every morning to assist me with energy levels up to lunchtime.

Love this product. Tastes great and makes you feel good knowing we are getting our daily vege serve!

Super cute bowl and spoon set

Love the flavour 😍

Delicious and Nutritious

Really enjoying the coconut greens in my smoothie and loving the fact it's adding veggies and richness to my diet. I add a scoop to my green smoothie every morning which gives me the required energy for the day. I'm looking forward to this refreshing drink every morning...thanks for creating such a lovely product.


Loving my coconut greens daily!
Usually I just mix in with yoghurt.
Have tried with porridge too.
Very pleasant tasting.

Great tasting product and I love that it keeps my iron levels up with out other tablets!

Love the Coconut greens

Thank you my kids and myself love the coconut greens! The taste is not overpowering and great to add to smoothies! Thank you!

Great way to sneak extra nutrition into those little ones thanks for sharing!

Great product although second tub was not as full as the other, disappointed.

So happy with products and service

Love it!

I have been drinking this daily for a couple of weeks now. The taste is better than other greens I’ve tried, and when I add it to a vanilla protein shake, it tastes divine - a bit like vanilla matcha ice-cream! Hoping that it helps with low iron levels but even just knowing that I’m getting lots of serves of veggies in this drink is great. I will definitely be ordering more and love the fact that it mixes well in water without needing a blender. It is a great pick-me-up in the afternoon instead of reaching for the coffee. The only downside is the depth of the tub - I know the product settles but I think the tub could be a bit smaller for the volume supplied.

I’m hooked!

Thank you coconutgreens! As someone who’s not a green juicer in the morning or big on powders - I decided to give this a try and purchased 2 packs of 7 day detox sachets! (These sachets are perfect for on the go) 😉
After 2 weeks, I’ve already noticed my hair is shinier and my skin is much clearer. I’m less bloated and have sooo much more energy lasting the whole day! I will be buying more and have been telling my friends about how amazing it is.
I find the taste refreshing and love that it’s just veggies no other supplements or additives!
Thank you

Beauty does start from within - so glad you are seeing lasting results and feeling the benefits too - thank you for this wonderful feedback!