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Super Green Power

OMG I feel like I have super powers when I have my Coconut Greens. I wish I knew about this product sooner. I tried the sample pack and I was hooked. I received my order today so I can really get into making smoothies and smoothie bowl recipes. I also ordered the cute coconut bowls & straws. I will be shouting out to the world how great this product is. I will be letting my friends and Family know about Coconut Greens and the health benefits this product is giving me. I am So So happy I do the Coconut Greens happy dance when I am drinking it. I am a Coconut Greens regular customer. Let's face it if you haven't got your Health what have you got.
Thank you so much Jo & Jeff for this fantastic product.
Maz :)

Brunch Bundle
Will de Bruin
Best Greens Ever!

Hands down the best greens powder out there! It’s surprisingly sweet from the coconut water - perfect for my 1 year old, she loves it.

I just mix it with water and ice each morning, it’s the perfect start to the day. Felt the benefits after just a couple of days drinking it. Highly recommend! 😍

Coconut Greens.

I decided to try this green powder because of the fact it is 78% of the recommended daily iron intake. I am happy l made this choice and have now made several purchases of it. It's easy to make and tastes fine.

Coconut Greens Super Green Powder

I have been buying this product for some time now and can't imagine life without it. Not only does it really taste good, it works. It makes me feel better in myself, keeps me regular, and gives me an energy boost. Honestly, if I miss out one or even two days without drinking my smoothie, I really do regret it.


Loved this sample, will be buying a larger size!

Coconut Greens - 7 Pack
Rebecca Doolan
Great taste

I ordered the coconut greens 7 day trial. I absolutely love the taste and can feel a difference in my body. I'll definately will be ordering more. Great product 👌 👏

Great stuff

Have had green powders to add to smoothies etc before and they taste terrible. This one I like even by itself with cold water. First day today, am keen to see how I feel after a week! Will buy again for sure!


A life saver for boosting immunity - doesn't have a yucky taste like other greens powders I've tried. Love it in smoothies

Very impressed with this product. I also purchased one for my elderly mother. And myself and one of my friends who has had weight loss surgery as well. Great taste. Amazing

Coconut greens

Omg wish i had tried this earlier ..can't believe how amazing i feel ..more energy ..sleeping better ..feeling calmer within myself too ...added bonus ...& it only took a couple of days to start to see & feel the results ..i am definitely hooked ..