Did someone say PANCAKES? 🥞 for those weekend vibes whip up these delicious 'Clean Green Stacks' 
If you start your day with a green smoothie but want to mix things up you definitely need to try adding a scoop of Coconut Greens into pancakes ✨ 💚 
This is an Eeezy Peezy way to sneak extra vitamins into the kids too!
1/2 cup gf flour
1 scoop vegan vanilla PP (protein powder)
1 tsp baking powder 
1 ripe banana 🍌 mashed
3/4 scoop Coconut Greens powder
1/2 cup plant based milk
1 tbsp nut butter
Maple syrup
In a bowl mix all wet ingredients 
Sift flour and greens powder and baking powder
Medium low heat use coconut oil and spoon batter and fry 
Flip when bubbles appear 
Serve warm with berries and drizzle in maple syrup or a dollop of coconut yoghurt 
Feel warm and satisfied knowing that you've had a boost of iron and vitamins to get through your day...