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Go-to-Greens Coyo smoothie bowl 🥥🌿
Be transported to tropical vibes with our gorgeous Coconut Greens Coconut Bowls
1 large handful of frozen mango
3 frozen bananas
1 frozen zucchini
1/4 cup plant milk (adjust to bind but don’t add too much!)
2 scoops @coconutgreens powder
2 tbsp vanilla protein powder

Blend all ingredients, except the powders together, ideally using a tamper to assist.
Gradually increase the speed and once smooth and creamy, add the greens powder and protein powder until combined. Remember to add more plant milk if you intend on drinking it! Serves 2.

Serve swirled with your favourite coconut yogurt and granola and try adding a ‘snickers’ medjool date - you won’t regret it 😋

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