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All Natural Coconut Bowl & Spoon

Included: Coconut bowl + hand crafted spoon 

What better way to enjoy your coconut Greens smoothie than in our rustic 100% natural coconut bowl.

With so many coconuts being consumed have you ever wondered what happens to all of those coconut shells?

We wanted to be a sustainable business so rather than burn them or put them into land fill we have cleaned them and made this gorgeous reusable 100% natural eco safe Coconut Greens coconut bowl.

Coconuts are a gift from nature and these bowls are handcrafted from real coconuts they are simply cleaned, sanded, polished and engraved.  Of course they are food safe to FDA standards, 100% recycled and reusable and hand crafted with heart.

Our rustic natural looking coconut bowl has tropical palm patterns and our Coconut Greens logo embossed on the outside making them easy to grip with one hand and sanded smooth inside so they are suitable for everything from smoothie bowls, poke bowls salads and snacks. Suitable for warm or cold food but not suitable for piping hot meals.

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  • 100% Natural (Real Coconuts)
  • FDA Food Safe
  • No Artificial Processes or Ingredients
  • Simple to Clean
  • Reusable
  • Palm leaf design Hand Crafted
  • Unique with logo 

As nature has made these bowls they are unique with their own pattern, colour, shape and size however as an average the bowls hold:

500-550 mls

Height approx 6.5cm

Diameter approx 12.5 -13 cm

Care Instructions

  • Wash before using.
  • Hand wash with warm water.
  • Avoid super hot foods.
  • Not dishwasher or microwave safe.
  • Don’t leave it to soak in water.



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