Coconut Greens - Coconut water + Super Greens

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The Supergreens you will actually look forward to drinking.

Customer Reviews

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Bhupinder Kaur
Taste good

It definitely taste nicer than other super greens, taste really good in banana smoothie. I drink it after my workout every morning.

Great post workout recovery and hydration, its pairs beautifully with vanilla protein powder so you get all your macro and micro nutrients thanks for the review

Can’t live without my greens!

I’ve been using Coconut greens since my daughter recommended them years ago for my training program. I certainly notice the difference if I haven’t taken them. I love coconut greens and would highly recommend.

Hi Karyn this is something we hear alot over the past 9 years - that people do notice a difference in skin, gut and energy if they haven't taken their CG's thanks for all your support and review x

Ange Brundle
Coconut Greens

Have only been using a week and enjoying it, can’t say I’ve noticed a difference, time will tell. I have it at lunch in a smoothie with half a banana and some Greek yoghurt with coconut water.

Hi Ange, everyone is different in their health journey and some notice a difference straight away others it can take a couple of weeks - what we do hear is that when people have a break from their CG's routine thats when they notice their skin or gut and energy issues come back thanks for your review x