The Queen of Dragonfruit Smoothie - Coconut Greens

The Queen of Dragonfruit Smoothie

The Queen of Dragonfruit Smoothie

The Queen of Dragonfruit Smoothie

Dragon Fruit has brightly colored pink skin and white flesh and is something you should try, it actually has a subtle taste much like a kiwi fruit.

Its high in calcium, vitamin C, fiber and antioxidants and we think it so pretty

Time to make 

5 minutes Prep and 1 minute blend


1 large glass or 2 small glasses


1 baby cucumber

1 frozen banana

1/4 frozen dragon fruit 

2 tbs dried cranberries 

1 cup macadamia milk or any nut milk

1 scoop coconut greens


Blend and enjoy 

Our tip Why not serve in the dragonfuit  or a glass jar. This is like ‘Nice Cream’ but with the hidden goodness of veggies of Coconut Greens.

This taste sensation will make your taste buds dance

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