The Queen of Dragonfruit Smoothie 💖

Dragon Fruit has brightly coloured pink skin and white flesh and is something you should try, it actually has a subtle taste much like a kiwi fruit.

Its high in calcium, vitamin C, fibre and antioxidants and we think it so pretty

Time to make 

5 minutes Prep and 1 minute blend


1 large glass or 2 small glasses


1 baby cucumber

1 frozen banana

1/4 frozen dragon fruit 

2 tbs dried cranberries 

1 cup macadamia milk or any nut milk

1 scoop coconut greens


Blend and enjoy 

Our tip Why not serve in the dragonfuit  or a glass jar. This is like ‘Nice Cream’ but with the hidden goodness of veggies of Coconut Greens.

This taste sensation will make your taste buds dance