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Chia Pods with Blueberries and Oats!

Chia Pods with Blueberries and Oats!


Stop skipping ❌ the most important meal of the day, and start your day off on the right foot! 😁⁠

More often than not... we struggle to have a NUTRITIOUS breakfast because we're either ⁠
😴 Too tired⁠
👩‍💼 Too busy⁠
🥔 Don't have ingredients⁠
😒 CBF going to the shops....⁠

But our Chia Pods are the BEST solution because they are yummy, healthy, and not time-consuming AT ALL 🙅🏼‍♀️⁠

Prepare the night before, and the simple addition of turmeric boosts your immune system and helps reduce inflammation. 🤸🏽‍♀️⁠

❇️ Contains essential vitamins & minerals⁠

❇️ Easy to make & serve⁠

❇️ Contains 8 - 10 veggies! ⁠

❇️ Super hydrating with coconut water as the hero 💦⁠ 


3 tbsp organic chia⁠
1 tsp vanilla bean paste⁠
1 cup nut milk⁠
1 tsp coconut greens⁠
sprinkle turmeric⁠
1 mason jar with lid⁠


To Mason Jar Add:

The chia seeds, Coconut Greens, vanilla bean and sprinkle turmeric.

Next add the cup of nut milk of choice ( we love macadamia mylk)

Stir ingredients and place lid on jar and shake well.

Pop in the fridge for a few hours for the chia seeds to expand or refrigerate until the next day.

Top with a spoonful of oats + a handful of blueberries.

⁠⁠This recipe is in our 7 day cleanse & gut reset 👉🏻 all you'd need to do is replace your normal brekkie or lunch with our CHIA PODS and that's you done for DAY ONE of detoxifying! [Yes! You can have lunch & dinner still 👀]⁠


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