No Bloat Coconut Swirl Smoothie

No Bloat Coconut Swirl Smoothie
The key to getting your smoothie just the right consistency is by balancing your frozen ingredients with liquid. If you want it thick, just add a few splashes of milk or coconut water but if you want it more like a shake, add lots liquid.
Overindulged over the weekend? We have the perfect smoothie to kick start your day and reduce bloating...
🌿 Feel Lighter
🌿 Have more energy
🌿 Detox
🌿 Stay Hydrated and regular 

I scoop @coconutgreens
1 scoop @botanikablends vanilla cake batter PP
3 frozen bananas
1 zucchini fresh or frozen
2 tbsp oats
small handful spinach
coconut water/plant milk and ice to achieve desired consistency

Dollop one big spoonful of natural or vanilla @nakulaplantbased coconut yogurt at the bottom of your glass. Blend all ingredients until super smooth.
Pour the smoothie over the coconut yogurt to get this dreamy swirl and stir with a spoon or straw to slightly mix the two together.

Close your eyes and just imagine you’re waking up to breakfast on a beach in sunny Hawaii 🌴
Smoothies are the perfect way to increase intake of nutrient dense vitamins in to your body without excess calories and are a delicious way to eat your veggies at breakfast!
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