avocado smoothie

Green Velvet Smoothie

Green Velvet Smoothie

This dairy free smoothie and is so quick and easy.  If you haven’t tried Macadamia Milk it’s time.  Macadamia milk which is creamy and delicious contains antioxidants that can slow down aging with vitamin E, zinc & manganese and is sweet and delicious.  The avocado gives this smoothie its velvety texture and makes it very filling.

Time to make  - 5 minutes


2 medium glasses


1/2 frozen banana

6 raspberries

1 cup of macadamia milk

1/4 avocado

3/4 scoop coconut greens powder  

2 ice cubes


Add all of the ingredients to a blender and blitz.  

Our tip:  stir in the coconut greens prior to adding the banana to ensure none sticks to the sides of the blender.

Easy delicious and good for you!

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