Breakfast Smoothie

Breakfast Smoothie

Breakfast smoothie

Oh no…overslept? Breakfast can set your day up for great things and doesn’t need to take long or be too heavy too digest.  You could serve this smoothie in a bowl, it creates the look of a full meal and the larger surface areas means you can have more fun with toppings!

Time to make - 5 minutes


2 medium size glasses or 1 bowl


1 banana fresh or frozen

1 cheek of Mango fresh or frozen

6 blueberries

1 Scoop coconut greens powder

1 tbsp greek or coconut yoghurt

1 Cup chilled water, 4 ice cubes 

Sprinkle flaxseed and chia


Roughly break up banana and add it with the rest of the  ingredients to blender.  Blend or blitz on high speed until completely smooth. 

Our tip add frozen mango as they keep in the freezer for months, this will make your smoothie taste deliciously chilled and creamy.

High in antioxidants and protein to help support a healthy metabolism this will help you Hop…Skip…and Jump into your day!

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