avocado smoothie

Glowing Greens Smoothie ✨

Glowing Skin, Boosted immunity with Coconut Greens Super greens Supplement
Come GLOW ✨ with us!
Hydrate with the Glowing Greens Smoothie.  As the seasons are changing, we need to make sure we're getting enough vitamins and minerals to build our immunity for that extra boost to our skin + body 🌱
How is your skin?
Moisturising with creams and serums are beneficial but did you know you need to look at inner cellular health to maintain the moisture? 
Eating lipid loving good fats such as Coconut oil and avocado contain healthy fats and vitamin E and Coconut Water is full of potassium...it’s ‘nature’s gatorade’ to sustain deep hydration and renewal to your skin and gut health
Glow from within and help boost your immunity 
2 cups Frozen mango 🥭 
1/2 Avocado 🥑
1 cup Plant milk 🥛 ( we love macadamia milk )
3/4 scoop @coconutgreens (order below) 🥦
1 scoop Vanilla PP (Protein powder) 
1 Tablespoon black chia seeds
Blend ingredients together, pour into a tall glass, the avocado gives this smoothie its velvety texture and makes it very filling.
Stay hydrated and your skin will be glowing in no time 💚 our #coconutgreens has all the right leafy greens + coconut water powder to hydrate and tastes amazing #addtocart now www.coconutgreens.com

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