Super Greens and Pregnancy Nutrition

Super Greens and Pregnancy Nutrition

Are you growing a little miracle? ✨If you’re pregnant or trying to conceive it’s totally natural to feel different as your body changes 😲 .

Green smoothies will nurture the growth and development of your unborn child while dealing with pregnancy issues that can occur like morning sickness, fatigue and of course constipation 🤮😴💩 

Our Coconut Greens super greens will boost your calcium + folic acid with spinach and kale and increase iron levels with broccoli, wheat grass and barley grass along with vegetable protein + omega 3’s with Spirulina and Chlorella which oxygenate the blood for greater energy💪🏻

Hydration from the coconut water 💧 replacing electrolytes and potassium... nature’s gatorade. .

At Coconut Greens, we’re all too familiar with the impressive nutritional profile of coconut water – that’s why it forms the basis of our product! Coconut water is high in fibre, vitamin C and electrolytes such as magnesium, sodium and potassium – and it’s an amazing source of lauric acid, an essential fatty acid associated with immune system support.

Current research indicates that the fatty acids found in coconut water are associated with greater milk production, along with richer, fattier breast milk. The high levels of lauric acid, an essential fatty acid, found in coconut water, coconut milk and coconut flesh may therefore be beneficial for nursing mothers.

Leafy greens and breast health

The dark leafy greens often dubbed “supergreens” top the list of must-haves in any balanced dietary regimen. Associated with lowered risks of cancer and heart disease and high in nutrients such as calcium, riboflavin, niacin, folate and zinc, along with a host of essential vitamins, they pack a serious nutritional punch.

And if you’re planning on adding Coconut Greens to your diet or breastfeeding dietary regimen, run it by your doctor first – it’s always a good thing to have any dietary changes checked out and okayed.

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Every time you buy a tub we donate 5 years Vitamin A to children at risk of blindness in developing countries 💕



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