Food Aversions & Autism : Unlocking nutritional barriers for kids on the spectrum.

Food Aversions & Autism : Unlocking nutritional barriers for kids on the spectrum.
Autism often goes hand in hand with food aversions and can make daily life quite stressful for both kids and parents, we recently met Krystal who shared her story and hope with son Rhys.  So if you have fussy eaters or kids on the spectrum her insights and fun food hacks will benefit your journey too. 🌻
Meet Rhys, a remarkable ten-year-old boy with autism and severe anxiety. His story is a testament to the power of creativity in improving the nutrition of children on the autism spectrum and making food fun! 🌈
Rhys' Nutritional Challenge :
Rhys faced a difficult nutritional challenge due to his preference for only white foods and heightened sensitivities. This posed significant concerns for his mum Krystal, who was determined to provide him with a well-balanced diet despite these obstacles.  Krystal says "It’s always been my belief that even though he only wants to eat mostly white foods and struggles with textures and  smells, I could still get creative and find ways to get vitamins and minerals into his diet with a bit of outta the box thinking". 🐸
The introduction of protein and greens powders played a pivotal role in bringing peace of mind to his family, ensuring he received essential nutrition while navigating the challenges of food aversions. 
Coconut Greens super greens became a nutritional lifeline for Rhys. This nutrient-packed powder, rich in vitamins and minerals, seamlessly blended into his meals. Whether hidden in smoothies, pancakes, or pasta sauce, it became a reliable source of essential nutrients, providing ease in meeting his nutritional needs and took the frustration out of meal times.
A Stress-Free Solution :
In the beginning Krystal was hiding it in his smoothies and pancakes. She then moved to adding Coconut Greens, even in small amounts  into his pasta sauce with puréed fresh veggies.
"Puréeing fruit and vegetables has been the easiest way for us to get things into Rhys without him knowing. It can be really stressful being a parent of a child who has an food eversions or is on the spectrum because you’re so worried that they may not be getting the nutrition that they need but there are many little tricks that we can do to help get things into them and alleviate some of that stress". 🤸🏻‍♂️
Krystal says "I love utilising the fact that the Coconut Greens are obviously green because I call things interesting names to make it easier for example….Dinosaur pancakes or Minecraft juice even alien muffins just to make it more fun 🤩" This can also be hidden in smoothies with blueberries and in protein balls.
For parents of children with food aversions or those on the autism spectrum, the stress of ensuring proper nutrition can be overwhelming. However, Coconut Greens alleviated this stress by offering a convenient and versatile means of enhancing Rhys's diet. Its incorporation into his meals was seamless, allowing his family to focus on his well-being without constant worry. 🧐
Nutrition Made Fun:
Krystal then incorporated his love of toys and interests by creatively naming dishes like "Dinosaur Pancakes" and "Minecraft Juice," mealtime became an enjoyable adventure. This not only expanded Rhys's dietary choices but also brought joy and peace to the dining table. 💚
Rhys's story demonstrates how incorporating hobbies and interests with foods can  transform a challenging nutritional journey into a peaceful and enjoyable one. With the power of this nutritious supplement, his family found peace of mind, ensuring he received essential nutrients, allowing him to thrive despite food aversions and sensory sensitivities. 🤗

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