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Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin Soup

Our favourite thing about winter HAS to be the comfort food 😍 Like our delish PUMPKIN SOUP! (or as our son used to say PUNKMAN😆)⁠⁠Here's how:⁠⁠500g pumpkin⁠1 onion⁠6 garlic cloves⁠½ teaspoon sea s...

20 minute muffinsImmune Boosting Choc Chip Muffins with Greens Powder

Greens Choc Chip Muffins

GREENS CHOCOLATE CHIP MUFFINS  These 20 minute immune boosting muffins are packed with additive free greens powder, lots of protein and healthy fats which means it's the perfect mid afternoon swee...

best cocktailsOrange Coconut Cream Mock tail cheers

Orange Coconut Cream Mock Tail cheers 🍹

🎶"Put the lime in the coconut and shake it all around"🥥 ORANGE COCONUT CREAM MOCK TAIL  Did you know the best thing about this recipe is... You can pimp it with a shot of vodka or enjoy weekend vib...

7daydetoxEnjoy your detox with this Apple Pie Smoothie

Enjoy your detox with this Apple Pie Smoothie 🍏

~You might be surprised to know you don't have to starve to cleanse... 😳🙃⁠ ~COCONUT GREENS GUT RESET 😍🙌🏻⁠ ⁠ Say ❌ to those crazy juice cleanses that take you 4 days to recover! & start living ...

almond milkCoconut Greens Anti-inflammatory Chia pods

Coconut Greens Anti-inflammatory Chia pods

“You cheer, I cheer, we all cheer for Chia Pods’ :) These gorgeous healthy snacks can be prepared in advance and you can serve with seasonal friut such as blueberries, kiwi fruit, mango, raspberrie...

broccoli latteCoconut Greens Comfort latte - Caffeine Free

Coconut Greens Comfort latte - Caffeine Free

This sumptuous and warming super greens elixir is made possible thanks to the unique flavor of Coconut Greens and is paired beautifully here with coconut milk and cinnamon. Who would have thought a...