Green Snickers Thickshake for Easter!

Snickers inspired greens chocolate thick shake

Happy Easter, enjoy long weekend vibes with this snickers inspired dark chocolate recipe. 

Did you know cacao is packed with flavonoids, antioxidants and loads of potassium.  Not only may this help reduce your risk of diabetes it can lower blood pressure. 

Dark chocolate in moderation is a great way to boost your magnesium intake, so try this delicious and super easy thick shake for your chocolate hit instead of eating the kids Easter eggs... 

Greens Snickers Thickshake  

Smoothie Ingredients 

2 frozen bananas 

2 dates 

1 tsp of @coconutgreens powder 

3 tsp cacao powder 

2 tsp peanut butter 

2 tsp chia seeds 

1 cup chilled plant milk 

1/2 cup ice 

1/2 cup chilled water 



In a blender add in all the smoothie ingredients 2 bananas, 2 dates, 1 tsp coconut greens, 3 tsp cacao powder, the peanut butter, chia seeds, plant milk, ice and the chilled water blend together to the perfect consistency. 


Take a glass and dip it into melted dark chocolate and then dip the rim of the glass into crushed peanuts and pour the smoothie into the glass. 



1/2 tsp Coconut Greens powder 

1/2 tsp cacao powder 

2 Tbsp dark chocolate shards 

2-3 Tbsp Melted dark chocolate 


Add all your toppings - the greens powder, cacao & the dark chocolate shards and enjoy ! 🐇🍫


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