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Nutritionists recommended greens powders : Coconut Greens Review

Nutritionists recommended greens powders : Coconut Greens Review

See what Health Practitioners are saying about Coconut Greens👇🏼 🥥 💚

🌿"As a Nutrition Practitioner, I am super fussy when it comes to supplementing an otherwise healthy diet. But I realise not everyone can always eat wholefoods all the time, so this is where a top-quality supp can be so helpful. When I found Coconut Greens, I was immediately impressed their organic-based greens blend. It not only tasted delicious but was also vegan and gluten-free which suits many of my clinic patients. Providing a whopping 8-10 servings of veggies per scoop, I've used it in many of my recipe creations, and love how versatile it is as a powder. Simply fabulous straight up in lemon water over ice as a morning tonic, a booster in smoothies, and easily stirred into muffins and chia pudding (how my kids love it). This blend definitely gets my tick of approval!" ✔️

Emma , Health & Nutrition Practitioner at Eat Nourish Glow

🌿 "As a Nutritional Counsellor, one of the most common things I see is a lack of green vegetables in the diet. We can all use a little help from time to time and Coconut Greens is an organic supplement that tastes great, highly recommend just drinking it with water as an afternoon boost and I love it in my morning smoothie with no grassy aftertaste that comes with some green powders!"

Amanada, Nutritionist, Yogi and PT at AV Personal Transformations

🌿 "CG's dissolves really easily so you don't need any fancy equipment, simply stir into water . With all organic ingredients, including coconut water this is a product I take with me whenever I travel. If you have any special dietary requirements, they've got you covered because Coconut Greens is 🌱 Organic 🌱 Vegan 🌱 Gluten Free 🌱Dairy Free 🌱Fodmap friendly 🌱 non GMO"

Lucy, Hormone & Gut Health Nutritionist Luminous Nutrition

🌿 "I'm so obsessed with Coconut Greens! I'm forever searching for a greens powder to take away to work with me (I work FIFO in WAs Pilbra) as the water is so minerally deplete and the food not always so great, yet most greens powders I've tried are either potent in the spirulina taste which is hard to disguise or artificially flavoured which I'm also not a fan of. FINALLY, I've found a taste I love! I'll be having smoothie bowls every day while I'm away! I love Coconut Greens blended with frozen banana, mango and coconut milk, and occasionally collagen powder."

Jemaine, Naturopath at The Happy Naturopath

🌿 “I think that I have found my new favourite smoothie! I personally think you can never have too many greens! Why? They are packed with healthy nutrients such as vitamin A, C, E and K and many of the B complex vitamins. I have incorporated Coconut Greens into delicious smoothies and smoothie bowls for my clients programs and recipe books for years. I have this first thing in the morning for hydration, gut health relief and general wellbeing to get me through the day.”

Merri Accredited Sports Nutritionist & Personal Trainer @fitbody_with_merri

🌿 " As a nutritionist, I'm always a bit skeptical about supplements and superfoods on the market. But Coconut Greens pleasantly surprised me. It's a great way to boost the nutrition of your everyday intake in a delicious way. I love that I can recommend it to most of my clients because it is suitable for so many different dietary requirements. The addition of natural electrolytes using coconut water is fantastic. My partner has had great success with using it as a recovery supplement post-training. Love creating some healthy recipes with this powder"

Samantha, Nutritionist and Health Writer Sam The Health writer

🌿 "As a nutritionist I use CG daily and in my clients meal plans. As a nutritionist, I recommend supplements and vitamins on the daily. I would always get the feedback from clients that regardless of the brand of greens my clients were using, they could always taste that bitterness and earthy taste despite trying to hide it with fruit. BUT, it wasn't until I met Jo and Geoff from Coconut Greens that I fell back in LOVE with greens powders and use it in my daily cooking and in my clients meal plans. Coconut Greens is packed full of all the vital micro nutrients you need to keep your body functions fuelled and firing. The bonus addition of coconut water is fantastic at hydrating the body and fantastic for people who exercise regularly. Coconut greens is fantastic for fussy eaters, kids of all ages and the elderly who have lost their appetite."

Hayley Barnes Nutrition HBNB(NutDiet) M(HumNut)

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