Not all greens are created equal: How super greens differ from regular greens?

Not all greens are created equal: How super greens differ from regular greens?

Super greens have made it to the mainstream, and with good reason. Packed with vitamins and minerals, they’re an all-natural way to optimise your health and help your body perform at its best. 

But what are supergreens, and how do they differ from regular greens?

Not all greens are created equally

It’s always great to fill up your plate with a colourful vegetable medley. But some veggies give you more nutritional bang for your buck than others, imparting a host of health and well-being benefits.

These are the super greens you want to be incorporating into your diet. So the next time you’re out grocery shopping, keep an eye out for dark green leafy options. They’re pretty much guaranteed to fall under the super greens category, and they’ll be packed with an array of sublime nutrition.

Impressive RDI percentages aside, super greens do plenty more than just top up your vitamin levels. They can help minimise chronic inflammation, staving off cell degeneration. And they can get your alkaline levels back in order, counteracting the damage of modern-day living.

Grass-fed is good for you

Young cereal grasses like wheatgrass, barley grass and alfalfa all fall into the super greens category, and at Coconut Greens we can’t get enough of them. Harvested before they get to grain stage (no gluten) they have a nutritional profile high in chlorophyll, protein and vitamins and minerals. The key is getting in early – as they get older and turn into grains, their vitamin levels decrease and their starch levels rise.

So what can munching on some grass do for your body? Plenty. Alfalfa’s a great source of calcium, potassium, phosphorous and iron, and may help prevent cholesterol absorption. Wheatgrass and barley grass similarly provide a concentrated dose of nutrients, and can help improve gut health. The result is better health all around.

Green leafy superfood essentials also include perennially popular picks like broccoli and spinach. Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, broccoli may pack a cancer-fighting punch. The more studies are done, the more we realise Popeye was on to something with spinach, which is full of anti-inflammatory carotenoids.

But they all pale in the face of kale.

At the top of the veggie super greens pyramid is kale, beloved by juicers everywhere. A cruciferous wonder-food, it’s brimming with just about every vitamin imaginable, including folic acid and potassium – at multiple times the levels of veggies like brussels sprouts.

But ordinarily it’s a tough task to get all the health benefits of kale. High in insoluble fibre, it’s not fully digestible unless it’s been blanched in its raw form. This is because its fibre exists largely in its cell walls – and these need to be broken down for easy digestibility.

A little algae goes a long way

So far we’ve looked at super greens that grow in the ground. But not all are picked from the garden or the farm.

Touted as “one of the most nutritious foods known to man”, algae is one where a little bit goes a very, very long way. Let’s take a look at two popular algae superfoods – both of which we use in Coconut Greens.

The first, spirulina, has long been the super foods poster child. Bursting with everything from B vitamins to zinc, it’s, also a great source of amino acids – the “building blocks” of our bodies.

Meanwhile, the micro-algae chlorella, grown around Australia and South-East Asia, can help counteract lifestyle diseases by fighting fat levels and moderating glucose. On top of that, it’s rich in magnesium and has a host of antioxidant benefits.

Like cereal grasses, algaes are dense in chlorophyll, a wunderkind when it comes to helping your body filter out toxins, neutralise free radicals and prevent cell damage.

Picking your powder power

Sure, we all like chewing our food, but there’s a reason green smoothies and green powders have taken off. Green superfoods provide plenty of roughage, and it can take a while to get through a towering salad of greens.

When you opt for your super greens in powdered form, you can dial up your greens dosage – half a kilo of greens can be condensed down into just a tablespoon or so of power-packed powder. That’s some serious nutritional density for some very minimal effort, and without the bloating associated with large servings of raw greens.

That said, it pays to be picky. Not all powders are created equally. Take some time to peruse labels and make sure that you’re making a good choice. Look for markers of quality such as organic ingredients, all-natural ingredients with names you can pronounce, and focused doses of vitamins and minerals – rather than trace amounts that carry little real benefit.

There’s a reason that the Coconut Greens label looks like a farmer’s market shopping list rather than an ingredients list. We believe that you get out what you put in, so we’ve packed our recipe with only great quality, natural ingredients at dosages that will have you feeling energised, hydrated and your immune system revitalised.

Not only is Coconut Greens organic, vegan, gluten free, dairy free and fodmap friendly and contains 78% of your recommended daily iron intake, it will delight you with how delicious it tastes. 

Most greens taste very bitter but there is no holding your nose with Coconut Greens This is what people love about us, here's what some customers say


Wow wasn’t expecting this!

Amazing! I’ve tried other green concoctions and normally would gag or give up after a taste but coconut greens absolutely wowed me! The taste is amazing!  Will definitely be having everyday! Easiest way to increase my vegetables in a day! Often I don’t have appetite to eat as meds I’m on don’t help but at least this way I’m going all I can to keep up the good stuff going in my gut and body overall. Thank you Coconut Greens you have me hooked! Subscription definitely happening

Lina P. 

Australia Australia


Very delicious and nourishing greens!

Try this amazing product! This is the most delicious, energy giving green powder I have used. So good in smoothies and great for an energy boost in the afternoon. Highly recommended. Jo’s customer service is wonderful and I very much appreciated her last very speedy delivery for a sick family member.


Elizabeth O. 

Australia Australia



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