Reasons why you're tired... 😴

Stress and anxiety Reasons why you're tired...
Have you ever slept for a good 8 hours and then woke up STILL TIRED?? 🤪⁠
Sometimes there is so much more you need to do for your body than a long sleep.... ⁠
Not being active enough 👉🏻 Keeping active realigns your internal body clock which can help you fall asleep quicker AND longer.  It also helps with stress and anxiety which studies have shown is linked to waking up tired.⁠
Too much or too little sleep 👉🏻 Sleeping for 10 hours isn't very healthy! And neither is sleeping for 4 🙈 It's recommended we sleep between 8 and 9 hours, make sure you set your alarm clock to combat this!⁠
Not having enough veggies 👉🏻 The foods we eat can leave us feeling sluggish and worn out. By avoiding sugary foods and replacing them with veggies you might just feel 100% better!⁠
Stress and anxiety 👉🏻 Being stressed can leave a lasting impact on our sleep and overall health and wellbeing.
Try to take time for you and be mindful of your limits to help you feel like you again!⁠
1 simple scoop of @coconutgreens can aid with hydration, B group vitamins and is 78% of recommended daily iron intake (RDI) and its all organic, so no nasty's here 💚

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