👇🏼 6 easy ways to sneak veggies into your fussy eaters...

We understand that concern if the kids are getting enough nutritious foods in their day, oh not to mention ourselves to keep up with our busy schedules.  So here are 6 easy ways to load snacks and meals with energy boosting vitamins and minerals that taste delicious! 

1. 🍝 Pasta : grate zucchini + sprinkle @coconutgreens after cooking + stir

2. 🥥 Choc Protein balls with hidden greens recipe in our free ebook

3. 🥣 Stir @coconutgreens through delicious warm porridge topped with banana 🍌 and honey

4. 🧁 Banana muffins with a twist recipe in free ebook ‘Shrek muffins’ with hidden greens

5. 🍵 Your favourite fruit smoothie supercharged with frozen cauliflower, spinach or @coconutgreens

6. 🍧 I scream you scream we all scream for ‘NICE CREAM’ recipe so easy

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