Giving is in our DNA

When we (Geoff an Jo) were researching Coconut Greens we were really looking for a high area of unmet need and began searching on "vitamin deficiency".  The search results stunned us.  

Pages of search results referring to the vitamin deficiencies all over the developing world.

We were really moved particularly by the Vitamin A crisis effecting mothers and newborns and having children ourselves we wanted to do something about it.

The solution seemed obvious and the concept of Dose 4 Dose was born.  Dose 4 Dose is a mission based social enterprize set up to bring the highest quality sustainable superfoods and supplements to the market with the added benefit that we match customers purchases Dose 4 Dose with 5 years of vitamin A for at risk children in countries all around the world.

Our mission statement - Your Good Health Helping others

Our original goal was to donate one dose for every sale but with a smart partnerships and supply chain management we have been able to pledge much more. For example if you buy one month worth of Dose 4 Dose Coconut Greens we will give a child Vitamin A for the 1st five years of their life.  

Giving an at risk child Vitamin A for their 1st five years of life reduces their mortality rate in this time by a remarkable 23% according to the World Health Organisation see more information at their website

Dose 4 Dose supports Vitamin Angels, a non-profit organization providing vitamins and minerals to children in need. Each item you purchase provides lifesaving vitamins to a child for the first five years of their life.

For more information on Vitamin Angels lifesaving work please visit their website