Demystifying detoxing - Coconut Greens

Demystifying detoxing

Demystifying detoxing

Guest post by Christa Alexis

Many people have mixed understanding of detox diets. People think they have to literally starve themselves, cut out the carbs, or only drink lemon water. The reality is the body is always removing toxins with a number of bodily systems. When you undertake a detox it doesn't have to be dramatic. It can range from an overall lifestyle change to simply giving the body a break from the exposures of environmental and dietary toxins.

If done correctly detoxing helps your mind, body, and soul to stay more connected and leaves you with more sustained energy for longer periods of time. Detoxing, don’t stress it; you’ll feel better, look better, and be ready to accomplish anything.

So, if you’re starting a day detox that will help you to become more energized, grounded, you’ll want replace processed foods with “good foods.” In broad terms it simply slowly cutting out the highly caffeinated drinks, alcohol, artificial and processed foods, frozen foods, and pre-packed foods and adding more simple foods and beverages such as whole foods, fruits and vegetables that are packed with antioxidants. It even helps if you remove certain meats from your diet like pork, beef, cold cuts, and canned meats. Add more water, organic vegetables and fruits to your diet, grains, nuts, beans, probiotics, and proteins to your diet. Visit as a helpful guide for detox food options.

Coconut water and supergreens are packed with nutrients that offer a wide array of health benefits. Coconut water is high in potassium, cholesterol free, and helps suppress your appetite. Coconut water is loaded with hydrating properties that would be ideal for someone doing a detox. Coconut water has high amounts of fiber to help with digestion. Supergreens such as spirulina, chlorella and wheat grass absorb heavy metals so it make sense to include them in your detox. They help to give you the essential vitamins to maintain a strong immune system and help to heal your body faster. Supergreens contain fiber and enriched vitamins that help aid with digestion.

Coconut Greens is a coconut water based supergreen powder enriched with vitamins and organic spirulina, chlorella, kale, wheatgrass, and other “good greens.” And all of the ingredients are organic, non-GMO, gluten and dairy-free, which makes it a great supplement alternative for vegan and vegetarians and the perfect detox aid. You can get it at

Like all things regarding your health talk to a health care professional before making any changes to diet or exercise regime. This article is not to be taken as specific advice for you for your health and is the authors opinion.

Christa Alexis

Contributor for, Viva Glam Magazine