Coconut Greens launches at the Natural & Organic Super-show

Coconut Greens launches at the Natural & Organic Super-show

Kara Landau

Wow what an exciting time at the Natural and Organic Supershow in Melbourne in March when we got to give out yummy samples of Coconut Greens smoothies and bliss balls.

All the long hours and hard work was worth it with an overwhelming response to the great taste of our organic blend of coconut water and green superfoods.  

Thanks to everyone, young and old and in-between who came by the stand and gave their thoughts and bought a tub or two of Coconut Greens, the verdict is in... it tastes amazing!! 

A huge shout out and hugs to all our amazing team who helped out on the stand for the three days, we sampled over 800 cups of Coconut Greens Smoothies and rolled 500 bliss balls which flew into peoples mouths (especially a hit with the kids) we couldn't have done it without them :)

We even had some special guests drop by The Travelling Dietitian and author of the amazing book "The Clean Separation" Kara Landau. (Top Left)

We were thrilled to meet renowned blogger, author of Supercharged Food - Eating for Your Shape, Heal Your Gut and many more fantastic books Lee Holmes. (Top Right)  

So much fun meeting and spending time with some of our food inspirations.